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BeSeen MD takes part in Ride London 2017

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IMG_5811Chris Bantock, MD of BeSeen, will be taking part in this years Ride London, a 100-mile cycle ride, on 30th July. We caught up with him before the event to ask some him some questions…

Click here to visit Chris’s JustGiving page and to make a donation to support a great cause!

100 miles is a long way – why are you doing Ride London this year?

The main reason is that I cannot resist a challenge. Years ago, before my knees gave up, I used to run Marathons. It has been a long time since I have done a personal challenge like this. In 2015 I took part in the Isle of Wight Cycle Challenge for Rennie Grove Hospice Care which was a wonderful group event. This event took an interest in cycling to another level and gave me a thirst to do more. I have been taking part in cycling sportive events for pleasure, however, Ride London is a major cycling event with closed roads, and is something I have had my eye on doing for a while.

What training have you done? Are you ready?

Yes, I have been training. We all know that setting a goal really focusses the mind and having this event on the horizon has really done that. It has been my motivation to get out in all weathers, to push the distances that I have ridden, and to really train towards a single goal.

This year I started in March, getting out on my bike as much as possible. I built up through the bad weather and the arrival of the summer and lighter mornings and evenings provided more opportunity to get out and ride.

This month (July) I seem to have gone a bit mental, doing two sportives and longer training rides. I have completed the 80 Mile Hearing Dogs sportive, the 100 mile ‘Chiltern 100’ sportive, and 50 and 60 mile training rides in between, so I am as ready as I will ever be.

Are you looking forward to the event?

Oh yes, I am really looking forward to the day. The part I am not looking forward to is the initial logistics to be able to actually ride. By this I mean having to get up at around 4.30am to drive to London, then a 6 mile cycle ride to get to the start, then a good hour wait before setting off at 8am. This is actually all part of the experience and secretly I am looking forward to this as well.

Ride London is about raising money for deserving causes – which charity are you supporting?

pace-mobileI am riding for The Pace Centre, who are a remarkable charity. I know all charities are remarkable and do great work, however Pace are really special. They are like a family, and the difference they make to the children they care for and their families is truly amazing.

As their website says:

Pace is a groundbreaking children’s charity that transforms the lives of children and young people with motor disorders, such as cerebral palsy. Fundamental to our approach is a belief in every child’s ability to learn and make progress, whatever the physical or sensory challenges they face. Our overriding goal is to help children and young people with physical disabilities to achieve their full potential and to be as independent as possible in their current and future lives.Why did you choose Pace as a charity to support?

Why did you choose Pace as a charity to support?

In my running days, I ran for The Parkinson’s Disease Society and Cancer Research, both causes close to my heart. BeSeen have been working with The Pace Centre over the last the year and half to build their new website. As is usual with us, we really get to know our clients and their business and I saw first-hand what a difference they make. As part of the development, I met with two families who spoke about what a difference The Pace Centre had made to their children, but more importantly their entire families. Finally, BeSeen sponsored the Children’s Challenge event which was a fun afternoon of Paralympic-themed activities, events and challenges designed to showcase and celebrate the amazing things that the children at Pace achieve. I had the privilege to go along and witness the amazing things that the children achieved – most of which would not be possible without Pace.

How can people support you?

I have a JustGiving page set up, and it would be really great if people could show support for me by making a donation to support Pace in their great work. I am not asking for huge donations as every little helps, so if you can support me in any way, it will make a real difference. I don’t mind if it’s a personal or a business donation, it all helps!

Can people keep track of you?

The event is shown on TV, but amongst 25,000 other riders, I may be difficult to spot! I will be putting updates out on my various profiles on Facebook, Twitter (@chrisbantock) and Instagram throughout the day, so watch out for these.

Wish me luck!

Click here to visit Chris’s JustGiving page and to make a donation to support a great cause!


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