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A new level of engagement on Google+

Google+ new feature: communities

Google+ Communities is all about the meeting and engaging, based on shared interests and passions.

You can:

  •  Find and connect with people with similar interests/passions/causes
  •  Start engaging in discussions with people
  •  Host events and even ‘hangouts’ so you can engage with others face to face!


Its great for:

  •  Listening to your customers and learning from them – it’s a great source of market research
  •  Connecting with other communities – that relate to your business.
  •  Sharing ideas with others


So if you’re an expert in your particular field – great! Passionate about your particular interest, business or brand? Start a community and share your expertise, connect with others and meet people. Share your passion and help others.

If you want to learn from the experts then join a community of your choice. Learn from them and thank them. Engage in discussions with people.


How do I set up my Google+ community?

There are 4 community types and once you’ve chosen your type – you’re stuck with it so choose carefully!


  1. Public communities – anyone can join
  2. Public but moderator approval is needed to join
  3. Private community – moderator approval is needed to join and only members of the community can see existing members and posts
  4. Private community – hidden from search. It’s an ‘invitation only’ community.


Google+ communities set up hints and tips

  • Pick a good name for your community
  • You’ll need a good photo for the profile of your community – 200px wide x 250px tall
  • A descriptive tagline will entice people in
  • Fill out the about section – you want to describe your community as best you can
  • Add discussion categories – these help the community members find topics they’re interested in and can comment on
  • Welcome your members – write a post
  • +1 other members posts when they write something you like
  • Create events and hangouts


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