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An Internet Marketing Talk… Tweeted!

Here’s one from the archives!

Back in October 2011, @chrisbantock gave a talk on Internet Marketing and more specifically: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

@iamjonjackson tweeted the key points from the talk via the @BeSeenMktg twitter account on the #WycombeBusinessExpo hashtag. What follows is the Twitter transcript for the talk. (The tweets should be read from the bottom up). Enjoy!

Don’t forget analytics! Track your traffic and leads! #WycombeBusinessExpo

#Google is constantly updating. Focuses on relevancy and recency. Plenty of scope for promoting your business on blog, video, social media..

Google places and local search. Great for targeting local customers and improving reputation with online reviews.. #WycombeBusinessExpo

Changing face of PPC. Facebook ads, ideal for B2C… and Linkedin ads, ideal for B2B #WycombeBusinessExpo

PPC only works if you have established a solid ROI model. #WycombeBusinessExpo

Is your content fresh? Maintain a blog using WordPress or posterous for example.. #seo #WycombeBusinessExpo @chrisbantock

The secret to search success: relevancy and authority. Content is king! #SEO #WycombeBusinessExpo

Google Adwords research tool a useful free resource for discovering keywords #seo #WycombeBusinessExpo

Keywords: the cornerstone of organic SEO. Research is critical. #WycombeBusinessExpo @chrisbantock

Organic #SEO. ‘free’ to naturally rank in Google. But how free is free? #WycombeBusinessExpo

Digital mindset. Open. Random. Supportive. #WycombeBusinessExpo

.@chrisbantock talking at #WycombeBusinessExpo about internet marketing…

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