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BeSeen to BeSober!

It seems that Christmas has been tripping our horizon for months at BeSeen Marketing.

Since those patio days of Pimms in the summer we have been carolling away with festive marketing campaigns, snow covered websites and social media campaigns. The jewel in our crown being a interactive Facebook calendar for an international hotel group, selling dreams of holiday destinations – we can only dream of!

With the cuffs of our Christmas jumpers fraying, our project managers, web developers, copy writers and designers are like elves by day, but by night, like three kings, they leave the manger that is our office for the shinning lights that would once truly have been a stable in the century coaching inn across the road from our Beaconsfield office.

The only star there though is the Staropramen that our wise men proffer in return for gold pound coins. The BeSeen ladies, sipping wine the colour of Frankincense, kid no one that they are angels as the conversations drifts into the festive and on to the New Year!

The resolutions; idle chat of weight that will be lost, the runs to be had, fruits to be squeezed and the hoots of laugher as we collapse into the reality that none of us will see any resolution through beyond a month.

Dryathlon Logo

And thus the challenge is set!

Headbands will the adorned, headbands beseeching our marathon attempts. Yes. We’ve signed up. Team BeSeen has entered an “athlon”! Not a tri, not a hept and not a dec, but a Dryathlon!

BeSeen will BeSober for the month of January as our team joins the estimated bevy of 35,000 fellow Dryathletes who will give up alcohol in a bid to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

For some of us it will be a breeze (we did Go Sober for October for Macmillan Cancer), but for others (eyes dart to our two recent graduates and our off piste MD) the challenge is on!

In theory, we’ve already raised £200, our MD Chris favoring Absinths over abstinence as he soaks up the après ski, but how will our other Dryathletes fare?

In the starting blocks.

Lee Saudan, Director – “I don’t drink as a rule, so I’m headed straight to the finish line!

Chris Bantock, Managing Director – “I so will be hanging my skis in shame before a last minute detox.

Jon Jackson, Technical Director – Is avoiding the subject!

Nathan Barton, Web Developer (recent graduate!) – “I will fail badly.

Tobi Wole, Web Developer (recent graduate!) – “I’ll be good.

Hayley Wainwright, Project Manager – “It will be a breeze, but I do love a Bacardi Breezer.

Vimi Jobanputra, Accounts – “I’ve got tax returns in January. Come back to me mid month!

Caroline Garstang Howlett, Content & Communications – “I’ll be fine with no wine, I hope.

Sian Powell, Marketing Manager – “It’ll be a challenge, but I’ll try not to ‘whine’ to much

Kat Gibbs, Online Marketing Manager – “The tonic will miss the gin!

On a serious note, we will each be contributing our alcoquids saved to Cancer Research UK this January. Whilst we’re in danger of sounding like a ship of drunken sailors, we’re not! Whilst BeSeen will BeSober, our ideas and creativity never will be and we will prove to you all, once again that no challenge is ever too great for BeSeen!

And over to you! Will you be joining us? How will you curb your cravings? What will you drink instead?

For now we’re just practicing, but come January all you will hear from the winsome BeSeen team will be:  “No wine in mine.” “No Beer in Here.” No Gin Going In.” “I guess it’s the Aga not lager for me tonight.”


If you do nothing else in January, raise a virtual glass to us on our blog while we BeSeen to BeSober! We would really appreciate it, if you could support Cancer Research UK and donate as much as you can on our JustGiving page –



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