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Case Study: Online Marketing & PR Campaign Success

We’re very busy here at BeSeen working on various projects in the digital arena. It’s great to be busy, and we could easily get bogged down in all our projects and never share the successes we’re having on the campaigns we run for our clients.

The aim of this post is to give you a glimpse of one of the many successful online marketing campaigns we ran for a client this year. Our client was a fresh startup, entering the market as a new player. Their business model is based around selling a service during several outside summer events. Sales are made on the day, as well as through pre-sold tickets through their website which we built for them.

BeSeen were engaged to manage all their social media and online PR activities with the aim of driving online and offline sales, as well as building a solid foundation from which to grow the business through repeat-business in 2014.

We essentially provided a fully outsourced Online Marketing & PR department for our client, at extremely good value.

What We Did…

Social Media – Daily Facebook and Twitter management. Further detail on this outlined below.

The website – managing customer data on behalf of the client, setting up competition landing pages, working with the BeSeen Account Management and Developer team to make changes to the website where necessary.

Online PR – gaining additional exposure for our client as they were completely new to the market. Gained a link in an online student magazine to promote our client and also in Mancunian Matters (online news site for Manchester).

Customer Services – Not part of the original project scope, but we mucked in nonetheless. We’re flexible, and keen to help our clients in any way we can. On several occasions, email/telephone support was provided to end-customers providing technical support on how to purchase tickets through our client’s website.

Social Media Activities

  • Set up the client’s Facebook page
  • Set up watch words for Twitter and relevant #tags so we could actively engage with others instantly.
  • Writing unique and engaging Tweets and Facebook posts for the competitions and general questions/discussions to engage with others
  • Posting regular updates on the social media channels – at times leading up to and during the events, Facebook posts especially were sent out 5-6 times a day. Standard ‘sales’ and conversational Tweets have been going out 6-10 times per day, 7 days a week and additional Tweets were sent out and replies to others on an almost daily basis to promote the competitions and products.
  • Scheduling social media posts to go out over the event weekends with questions and useful information
  • Promoting the products and the competition page on Twitter with people who are going to the events (found by the watch words we were monitorin).
  • Searching on Instagram for any pictures of our client’s business, taking a screenshot and uploading the picture to the VIPee’s social media channels
  • Asking users on Facebook to ‘recommend’ our client’s business, of which 3 people did.

Results: Website Traffic 

  • 9351 visits to the website from April 1st to August 27th.
  • 4540 from Social Media which equates to just over 48% of overall traffic
  • 2237 visits from Twitter which equates to 23% of overall traffic
  • 2303 visits from Facebook which equates to nearly 25% of overall traffic
  • 1486 visits from partner websites which equates to nearly 16% of overall traffic

Results: Social Media Reach

Statistics accurate at time of writing at the end of the campaign.


  • 154 Followers on Twitter – started at zero
  • 2719 Tweets
  • 363 mentions by others
  • 70,502 Retweet reach


  • 214 likes on Facebook – started at 4 likes
  • 15 posts on the Facebook wall by others (fans)
  • 83 Photos and images uploaded
  • 28 replies to comments
  • 145 status updates


Each event had it’s own competition which ran for 5 – 10 days. These were promoted only via social media posts and from interacting with others who were attending the particular event. Some competitions had additional social media posts from the event organisers themselves to promote the competition. A landing page was set up for the competition, a multiple choice question was asked and competition entries were collected via a dedicated email address.

We collected 648 names and email addresses in total – a fantastic list for future marketing efforts

Results: Online Sales

Total of 362 products sold and 223 orders.

  • April products sold: 3
  • May products sold: 10
  • June products sold: 25
  • July products sold: 180
  • August products sold: 144


We thoroughly enjoyed working on this campaign for our client and we look forward to working with them again the following year to build on this first year success. The whole BeSeen team pulled together to deliver the highest standard of service to our client.

If you’d like to engage BeSeen and experience the quality of our online marketing team, get in touch. Feel free to tweet us too.


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