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Coca-Cola- fighting obesity?

Last year was a great year for British brands with London 2012 and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee you would have had to be foolish not to jump on the bandwagon (or the double decker red bus) and get all patriotic.

Brands like John Lewis, who sponsored the Olympics and used social media to promote their selection of royal memorabilia, saw sales rise by 40%. Even brands that didn’t have direct sponsorship to the Olympics like Nike, who choose to sponsor individual athletes, experienced an 11% increase in twitter followers.

So after such a successful year for Brand Britain, what are brands doing this year to keep customers engaged and interacting. Are they choosing to ride the wave of 2012 or to move away to a fresher strategy?

Coca-Cola is one brand I have always loved. Last year my love for them grew to an all time high, with their marketing strategy focused on the Olympics showcasing their involvement in the Torch Relay with TV Ads, creating a feel good factor around the brand.

2013 has seen a new marketing campaign focused on living a healthy lifestyle. The new campaign “Be Ok” kicked off earlier this month with a TV advert showing the equivalent exercise you need to do to burn off a standard can of coke, as well as alternative Coke products available.

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Is this really a good campaign? I am slightly sceptical at the moment, the TV ad isn’t anything amazing but in its simplicity it does show that Coca-Cola isn’t as unhealthy as everyone thinks it is. The worlds biggest soft drink brand trying to combat the global obesity issue is one thing I am seriously struggling to get my head around. Can they really change the brand image with this campaign? Will they really encourage more people to do more exercise whilst consuming THEIR high calorie sugary beverages? Or have they just got their market positioning all wrong?!

A weak link can be seen with this campaign and the Olympic campaign, Coke have gone from sponsoring a global sporting event to helping to combat a global obesity problem, encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle. The advert could have placed a greater emphasis on playing sport whilst burning off those Coke calories, maybe even showing some Olympic inspired activities!

One thing that this advert does well is putting a greater focus on Coke’s products themselves, there hasn’t really been much of this in recent years. With simple facts highlighting the various drink options available and the calorie content. It is becoming increasingly rare that you will see a product as the sole focus of a good memorable advert, so you can’t knock Coke for trying. However I have a feeling this is Coke just trying to get all clever on us. After all, next month see’s the launch of a new Coke-Zero advertisement, this comes alongside an increase in low calorie drinks being purchased, with 45 % of all Coca-cola products bought in the UK being Diet Coke or Coke Zero. The brand can see this is an area for growth.

I just feel the advert is lacking something from the Coca-Cola we saw last year. Yes I know the advert does show the fun activities you can do to burn off the calories, it just hasn’t got me replaying it on YouTube time and time again. I want something which reflects the brand and its personality, at the moment its sending out a conflicting message.

With more adverts planned for later this year, I’m interested to see what Coca-Cola can do with their fighting obesity pledge and their advertising legacy!

What do you think brand’s are doing this year with their advertising to keep customers interested in the wake of 2012?

Click here to see what Coca-Cola have to say about their fighting obesity pledge.


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  • Hayley

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    August 8, 2013

    I haven’t even seen this advert on TV? Definitely not their usual style, but like you say makes a change to see their products as the focus.
    Another well known brand who also do this is Marmite.
    I think lots of of us are loving (or hating!!…well 250 people with too much time on their hands) the new Marmite campaign with it’s unique play on animal rescue.
    Makes me laugh every time I watch this
    Keeping us engaged in the ‘Marmite neglect’ narrative by offering further videos and asking for ‘donations’ by way of tweets etc and also allowing people to nominate friends to give marmite a home.
    Very clever marketing in typical (crazy) Marmite style.


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