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Cover your company – Facebook

The cover photo of a Facebook page is what the users eye is drawn to first. Its at their eye level when you visit the page and it’s bigger than anything else on the page, making it vital for companies to gain attention from the user straight away. It’s a great way for businesses to show off their branding, strengthening brand reputation through design.

Facebook has previously held the power and restricted companies since the cover photo was first introduced ensuring that no Calls To Action and web addresses were on the image, however they have reversed this decision dropping the rules completely and introducing a text restriction of 20% on cover photos.

So what does this mean for businesses? Well social media is a bit of minefield to the majority of businesses – how do you engage with your target market online while abiding to the rules? Facebook has eased this confusion slightly by allowing brands to use Calls To Action on their cover photos, including a web address on the photo which is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Companies are now getting clever with how they use their Facebook cover photos.

One example of a clever use of Cover Photo’s is Adidas’, shown below. The brand have used the 20% text rule to generate a CTA to reinforce their marketing campaign for a new product launch. Not only have they gained the users attention with bright colours making the new product stand out, but using the hash-tag #theengine has integrated their Facebook page to their Twitter campaign, the idea being that users will engage with the brand tweeting the hashtag and therefore promoting the new product.

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 11.30.48

So above Adidas have taken full advantage of the changes. It’s been 2 months since the rules altered so you would expect more companies to be taking note, trying to stand out amongst the global crowd and ultimately get action from Facebookers, but looking at Adidas’ direct competitor Nike you can’t see any change from their cover photo and no calls to action.

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 11.31.07

Facebook generates it’s profits from companies advertising, previously companies have paid for PPC campaigns on Facebook to ensure traffic to their site. Could this change see a decrease in advertising revenue for Facebook, or maybe it will generate more advertising as companies begin to use Facebook more now that it is favourable to do so. What do you think?

Companies shouldn’t just turn their backs on PPC just yet. This is a great way to measure exactly where your traffic is coming from and currently you aren’t allowed to put any links on the cover image so its hard to determine just how many people act when seeing it. PPC should be used alongside your company page, the adverts should have similar if not the same branding and message as the company page.



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