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Demystifying some Tricky Techie Terminology

We thought it would be useful to share a post about a few techie terms that may have you baffled, some of which you may not even have heard of. Here at BeSeen, we talk “technical” every day, so we can sometimes get a bit carried away with all the technical jargon that we throw about.

So here’s your chance to learn what the heck we’re on about when we talk about your PHP website receiving a trackback but your 301s are throwing a 404! Enjoy…


Twaffic – Thought we’d start of with a mildly amusing one. No, we haven’t developed a lisp! “Twaffic” is another name for Twitter Traffic. (Incidentally, “lisp” is also a programming language… I can hear you slapping your forehead already!)

301 – A “301 redirect” is where an old URL (or page) can be redirected to a new one. The 301 code indicates that the page has moved permanently, opposed to a “302” 307 redirect which indicates a temporary relocation.

404Warning! Page Not Found! Epic Fail! … um yes, basically, a 404 error is the error code returned by a web server when the URL trying to be accessed does not exist.

Pingbacks and  Trackbacks – a notification message that is sent as a “ping” between two web servers. Pingbacks and trackbacks usually occur in the context of blogs where someone has referenced (linked to) another site or blog, then a ping is sent to the linked site in order to notify it of the reference. And in case you were wondering, a “ping” is a small message sent between computers.

PHP – Right, pay attention on this one. PHP stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”… but, but… where did the first “P” come from?? Ok well the reason for this is that “PHP” is a recursive acronym (i.e. an acronym that refers to itself in the expression for which it stands). Basically, it’s a web programming language. Clear as mud? Right, moving on…

AJAX – “AJAX” is not the same as “JavaScript”. Javascript is only a part of AJAX, which is an acronym for “asynchronous JavaScript and XML”. It is a group of interrelated web development techniques used  to create dynamic web applications which load data into the user interface without refreshing the whole page.


For plenty more technical terms to clog up your brain, check out:

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