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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2012

Happy New Year to everyone from BeSeen Marketing.

Now the festive season is behind us we find ourselves returning to focus on our businesses. January is normally a time for reflect and planning. Having the right information helps to mould our thoughts and our plans.

We thought it might be useful to share our view on what developments will be coming to the fore in 2012 so that you can start to think about these now.

Digital Marketing will continue its domination

Online or digital marketing has seen meteoric rise over the last few years. With the budgets being squeezed and businesses wanting more ‘bang for their buck’ digital marketing is the most cost effective way to promote a business.

Measurable marketing is a key benefit to digital marketing as virtually anything you do is measurable. This means you can quickly learn what works and what doesn’t and then keep doing the activities that do work. Building a Digital marketing engine is critical to all businesses in 2012.

 Social Media is here to stay

Like it or loath it (or just simply don’t understand it) Social Media is here to stay and is becoming a part of the fabric of society. We have seen the momentum start by social media developing hugely in 2011, 2012 will see it achieve a critical mass that no markateer can ignore. Twitter, Facebook and linked in continue to grow at phenomenal rates and with Google + (see later) on the scene this mushroom. The marketing reach that can be achieved through social media has no parallel in ‘traditional marketing’ activity.

There is the famous marketing phrase ‘Go fishing where the fish are’ – well your business’s fish are on social media.

Ignore Google + at your peril

Launched late in 2011 we will see Google + make a huge impact on the social media landscape. Google + reached 10 million users in a nano second compared to the time it took Facebook or Twitter to reach this number.

Google cannot be ignored. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter rely on standard search indexing to be promoted in the search engines. Google + will be built into the Google search infrastructure. This means that using Google + as a promotional vehicle has the potential to deliver more value.

If you have not got a Google + account or business page yet – do it now.

Mobile web

The biggest development in 2012 will be mobile web. The rise of the smartphone has meant that more and more people are now accessing website via their mobile devices. Again this will only continue to grow.

From a marketing perspective businesses need to make sure that their visitors get the best experience possible. I am not talking about if your web site can be accessed on a mobile device – this is almost a given now and any web developer worth their salt will ensure that this happens as part of the development process. I am talking about creating a mobile experience of your website – the best way to describe it liken it to creating a mobile ‘app’ that assists people to navigate to the information on your pages as quickly and easily as possible.

There will be many other developments happening in 2012 some we can see but many that we can’t and would never have been able to predict. This is why the digital marketing world is so exciting!

We wish you and your business a very prosperous 2012.

If you have any of your own Digital Marketing predictions we would love to hear what they are.



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