Four ways Google AdWords can help grow your business

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Four ways Google AdWords can help grow your business

I talk with business owners every day about AdWords. The biggest question: “does it really work”?

Can you really attract customers at an acceptable price?

A healthy degree of scepticism is good. If nothing else, Google AdWords is damn expensive. Many small businesses have been caught out with a huge Google bill for little return.

Having said all that, I think Google AdWords is the greatest direct marketing testing tool ever created. Nothing allows you to test different messages as fast as you can in AdWords.

AdWords can help your business in four ways:

1. Test demand for future products

When you launch a new product, would you like an idea of the size and value of the market before you start?

A short test in AdWords will show you how many people are actually searching for your new product, and how much other advertisers are paying for a click.

If there are few or no advertisers paying very little for a click, there probably isn’t a lot of potential in your new product or service.

2. Test different offers

Historical perspective is in order. In the early part of the 20th century, direct marketers in America began meticulously testing different offers in their direct mail advertisements. They did this by split testing their ads, and tracking the responses to each offer.

They waited weeks to gather their data. Claude Hopkins, who in 1907 commanded a salary of $185,000 , wrote a book on the subject. It is available for free online here.

Unlike early direct mail pioneers, you don’t have to wait weeks to split test your offers. You can test offers and messages on AdWords in a matter of hours.

Create multiple ads with different messages, and tell Google to ‘rotate my ads indefinitely’. Google will then split your impressions between the two ads you created.

3. Traffic and conversion

Traffic is people coming to your website. Conversion is when they do something on your website that directly or indirectly leads to a sale. You need both to be successful.

Traffic and conversion is what everyone thinks of when we discuss AdWords. It’s a big topic, but it’s only ¼ of the puzzle.

4. Leverage

By far the biggest benefit of Google AdWords is extending the results of your tests to other media. Once you have been running AdWords for a while, you will produce an ad and landing page combination that works for you. You’ll find a message that resonates with your audience.

You should take this message, and use it in your telemarketing. Use it in your direct mail campaigns. Use your winning ad headlines in your SEO title tags.

Leverage is the biggest and most neglected area where AdWords can grow your business.

AdWords itself builds no momentum. As soon as you stop paying Google, your clicks and conversions dry up. This isn’t the case with your email marketing or your SEO, but you can enhance how you use these other tools using lessons learnt in AdWords.

Test in AdWords. Apply the results elsewhere.

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  • Jayne Reddyhoff

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    May 22, 2013


    I completely agree with your sentiment that AdWords is a fantastic testing tool.

    However, to say that AdWords is damn expensive and to imply it is not for small businesses is misleading.
    We are successfully running profitable AdWords campaigns for several small businesses.

    It is true that if you don’t know what you are doing, it is possible to make some very expensive mistakes.
    But it is also possible to waste money on poorly targeted Email shots and other marketing efforts!


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