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Content Is King

Fresh content on your website – Give your site a spring clean!

“Content is KING” “It’s all about the content!” “Content and freshness is important in 2013”


That’s all we’re been hearing about for months. The importance of well-written, fresh content is something we’ve been telling our clients since before the formation and joining together of 3 companies to create BeSeen Marketing (March 2011).

Google made big algorithm changes that affect the way content is seen in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) back in November 2011 and also other minor updates throughout 2012. But it took a good year for some people to realize ohh… I think we need to do something about this.

To put it simply, if you have stale out of date content on your website, remove it. If your websites content is full of spelling mistakes and bad punctuation, then employ a copywriter, get someone else to write it or get someone to proof read it. If your blog was last updated in July 2009 then you need to make a little more effort! Well, only If you want your website to succeed online. Or please remove the old blog posts or the date function or your blog altogether. I’m not just talking just about rankings and Google here; I’m talking about the whole picture. The on-site user experience.



Keep the user in mind

Visiting a website with the intention in mind that you’re going to use their services and you see an out of date price list or a blog that was last updated 6 months ago is quite worrying. Why would you want to buy from somewhere like that? You wouldn’t buy 6th month old fresh fruit and veg from the supermarket would you. It’s out of date. Therefore, the 6 month old blog is also out of date. It’s stale.

If you’re not sure if your websites copy needs updating, get someone else to read it. They don’t even have to be in the same industry as you. Another way is to step back and be the customer. What are you looking for? Does it read well? Have you found all the information you need? Would you trust that company?


How Google sees the stale content

If you haven’t updated your blog in 6 months, why would the Google bots want to visit your website more often than a competitor who updates their blog 2-3x a week? They wouldn’t. Your competitor ranks 2nd – higher than you for keyword X, where you rank 8th. This could be for a number of various reasons for both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. But the freshness of their blog will help with their rankings as Google thinks “Well this guy has well written content, talks about terms related to keyword X and also keyword X and updates his blog often. Therefore he is more relevant for keyword X and I will keep them at position number 2.”


Related-to keywords

Notice I underlined the word related in that last paragraph. Just because you focus on selling plastic forks, does not mean you have to just write about plastic forks in your blogs! For starters (going back to the user here (Which is what SEO is all about!)) do your readers want to read about plastic fork comparisons, the history of the plastic fork, the blue plastic fork’ or, ‘how the plastic fork can save your life in a near death experience!’… Too far? Your readers are going to get bored, pretty quickly. Especially if you put your blog posts out on social media. Oh they’ve put another plastic fork blog post out again… Great. What is related to your keywords or business? Don’t just go with plastic knives, you can go for cutlery in general or fast food at festivals – the cutlery that’s provided. You get my drift… it gives your blog a bit of variety, so think outside the box a bit. Your website visitors will love you for it and so will Google. You’ll also gain visitors from a wider audience you thought you would never catch.


Content doesn’t have to be words

If you’re not a wordy person or if your product or company news doesn’t come across well from simply reading, then don’t write.

What? But you’ve just told me about the importance of well written content?!

Content doesn’t have to be written. It could be images – such as a slideshow. It could be a video, demonstrating your product or corporate message. You could write your frequently asked questions but also video the 5 most frequent. If you’re a window cleaner for example, take pictures of where you’re working that day then post them on your blog and your social channels. Varying the type of content on your site is great for your website visitors and Google. The possibilities of the type of content you use on your website and blog is endless!


It’s January 2013; give your website’s copy and blog a spring clean! Start from scratch if you have to – It’ll more than likely be out of date anyway. If you need a helping hand with ideas for your blog or social channels or what content to use, you know where we are. Were here to help you improve your business online. For both your websites visitors (they are the important guys) and Google.


  • Anthony Mixides

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    March 31, 2013

    Completely agree with all of the above, I also understand that Google evaluates social media status and as long as everything is in tune your site will rank well. Nice blog.

    • admin

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      April 3, 2013

      Thanks for the comment Anthony.


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