Google Update: Rankings are Now Focused on Your Website’s Performance on Mobile

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Google Update: Rankings are Now Focused on Your Website’s Performance on Mobile

Google has been heading this way for a long time, but this is pretty big news. When determining your Google ranking, Google takes into account thousands of factors and the performance of your website has increasingly been a crucial element – from load speed and visit duration to the amount of user interaction with your site. Google used to primarily determine this from the performance of your website as it appears on desktop devices, but this is changing. It’s time to start taking a ‘mobile-first’ approach to web development and online marketing.


“There are now more Google Searches on Mobile devices than Desktop Computers.”

What does this mean?

To meet the demands of its users, Google recommends all businesses have fully responsive, mobile-friendly websites. If you don’t have one, whilst Google has reassured businesses that they will still analyse their desktop sites, expect to see an impact on your Google rankings, which could result in your organic traffic falling and a subsequent decline in sales or enquiries.

Find out if your website is mobile responsive, try Google’s Mobile-Friendliness Test


Why have a mobile-friendly website?

If you’re not sure if your audience is shopping or carrying out research on their mobiles, we can almost guarantee that they are, and Google certainly thinks they are.

Whilst your Google Analytics data may show that the majority of your sales or enquiries come from desktop devices, you’ll be amazed at how many of those people actually started out by doing their research and shopping around on their mobile device first.

Without a mobile-friendly website, you could soon find that your audience is less likely to find your company on Google on mobile or desktop, and if they do find you they’ll be increasingly likely to leave your site in favour of a competitor with a mobile-friendly site.   

Ask us for a quick overview of your website’s mobile performance and find out how many of your visitors, enquiries and sales are via mobile.


“It’s time to take a ‘Mobile-First’ approach to Web Development and Online Marketing.”

So what should you take from this?

Help yourself to maintain and increase your search engine traffic, and provide a suitable experience for your visitors when they find you. Show your business to be up to date, modern and forward-thinking, rather than lagging behind the times – otherwise, it could be making your customers wonder what other areas of your products or services aren’t matching competitors.

And if you do already have a mobile-friendly website, that’s great news and keep working to improve the usability and user experience on mobile devices, as this will help you leapfrog your competitors who are missing the trick.


If you’d like to discuss your mobile website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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