Hello, and welcome to the BeSeen Marketing Blog and website

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Hello, and welcome to the BeSeen Marketing Blog and website

BeSeen Marketing, as you may gather from the rest of the site is a Digital Marketing Agency that makes the connection between online and offline marketing. We focus our attention on growing businesses to provide them with the necessary expertise and assistance to develop their business.

What you may not know is that BeSeen Marketing was born out of three separate but very complimentary businesses that came together because the sum of the whole was bigger and better than the individual parts. The three companies were Acuras – providing website and application development; Ansars Ltd providing Internet Marketing services and GMH Communications Ltd providing offline marketing including branding, PR and print media. These three areas are still the core of the services we provide today but all under one roof.

To find out more about who we are have a look at our profiles.  Our business is built on providing a quality service to our clients in an efficient way whilst still maintaining an element of fun in all we do.

Whether you are an existing customer or a have just come across us for the first time, then welcome, and I look forward to hopefully talking to you to in the future.

Finally, it would be remiss of me if I did not extend the offer to you to contact us at any time if there is anything that you feel we could assist with.

Enjoy the site.


Chris Bantock

Managing Director

BeSeen Marketing


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