How can Google+ benefit my business?

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How can Google+ benefit my business?

Google Plus is a great tool for businesses big or small and if you learn to get to grips with it, your business, and your website will reap the rewards. We’re providing you with 10 secrets with the how and the why Google+ can benefit your business.

Google Plus for Business

1. The Google+1 button is a recommendation.

You’ve probably seen by now a little Google +1 button somewhere on a website when you’ve been browsing the web, or when reading a blog post. That’s where, when you’re logged into your Google account, you can effectively ‘recommend’ that web page to others. As you know, recommendations are good for your business. A Google+1 works in the same way as product reviews do—consumers are more inclined to select a product or service that other consumers have used and provided good reviews on.


2. Google +1’s may increase your site’s visibility in the web

Having your content shared on the web may in turn increase the click through rate (CTR) of people visiting your site. Google are giving preferences to web pages and websites that have been plus oned in Google+. The more you take part in sharing yours or others great content on the web, the more you can promote your site and your great content (remember – it’s all about sharing that GOOD quality content, we don’t want to read websites full of spelling mistakes or poorly written copy, done by your 6 year old kid).

Google+ Local Can Benefit Your Business

3.You can still use Google Places, but there is also Google+ Local

Confused as to where Google Places has gone? Well when users search for your business on the web, instead of seeing a Google Places page, they’ll go to to a local Google+ page. Google+ Local enables others to publish reviews and photos of your business, read other user reviews, view your businesses useful information, find reviews from other people that you know (from Google+) and trust. Google have effectively made it look a lot more streamlined. Google+ Local still appears in Google search, just as the Google Places used to.


4. You can organize your fans, prospects and customers into ‘Circles’.

These are effectively groups, which only you can see. You can choose who goes into which group; this allows Google+ users to share personalized content with specific audiences. You can create Circles, give each Circle any name you want, to post your updates to your specific audiences in your Circles. Perhaps you want to share with your current customers some behind the scenes news, another specific group of customers a discount code, prospects or new followers to your business local information, a specific event to another group of current customers. This relevant content will trigger more fan engagement, rather than posting the same thing out to everyone.

 5. ‘Hangouts’ with your fans or customers.

Okay this isn’t for everyone, as some people don’t like being on camera (I’m one of them!). But arranging discussions about your latest products, brainstorm some new ideas or discussing problems your customers might be having with a particular product, is fantastic customer service. It’s a great way to engage your fans or customers in a discussion.


6. Google+ Ripples

You’ve posted a new photo of your new product or service. You’ve noticed that it’s been +1’d many times and shared… who’s shared it and who is talking about it? With Google+ Ripples you can visualize how your post has traveled across the social network, who it’s been shared by. This enables you to see which users are engaging with your content so you can thank them or target a post specifically at them – putting them in a Circle to offer them a special offer.


7. Google Plus personal URL (Vanity URL)

The Google+ URL for your personal or business profile is quite long and hard to recall with all those numbers at the end of it. You can claim your personal URL here: use your domains URL or your business name preferably. Remember, if someone is searching for your business – they need to be able to find you!


8. Emphasize your Google+ posts

You can put some emphasis on your Google Plus posts and comments by adding a * before and after your message. *bold to emphasize a special offer!* for _italics_ add an underscore_ before and after the message. You can also put a –strikethrough– by adding a dash before and after your message. (Any additional stars, underscores or dashes you add, wont show up on your post.)


9. Google+ search

What I love about Google products is their fantastic search facility, like in GMail or Google Drive, Google+ also has a search function. Type a keyphrase into the Google+ search bar and you can comment and connect with others who are talking about the particular phrase, or talking about your brand. You can search for people, Google+ pages, Google+ posts by others, hangouts and even view events.

Google Plus Search

10. Build personal and professional contacts – and keep them separate

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you can build business and personal relationships, and they wont clash. Keeping people separate with Circles, you can post a personal event to your friends and post specific industry news to your clients. You can also share your business G+ page with your personal contacts.


Try out Google+ for a few weeks, asking your current contacts to plus one your web page. See how it can benefit your web pages traffic. Take note of the page’s traffic in Google Analytics before you try it out and during. Let us know how you get on. Tweet us @BeSeenMktg or @kitkatgibbs or follow our Google+ page.



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