Integrating Prestashop with Intact Software

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Prestashop Intact integration

Integrating Prestashop with Intact Software

We have just been commissioned to develop a full integration between a prestashop ecommerce store and Intact, a back office management system.

All pricing and products on prestashop are to be powered from the Intact database – this includes:

  • standard public pricing
  • customer specific pricing on a per-customer basis i.e. all customers have the same public pricing, unless product-specific prices are set against their customer account in Intact. The built in “Specific Prices” functionality that comes with Prestashop will be used for this
  • full product catalog will be powered from Intact and products will be imported into the website from the XML export if the “website” UDF for each product is set to “yes”

The prestashop store  will also be integrated with Intact so any new customers who create an account online will be created in Intact when they place their first order…

  • If an existing Intact customer creates an online account and places an order, the order will be created under their account in Intact rather than a new customer record being created (we will match customers based on email address unless specified otherwise)
  • Synchronisation of all historical and offline orders in Intact with each customer’s Prestashop order history

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our custom integration work with Intact and other platforms.


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