LinkedIn targets companies with new Showcase Pages features

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Adobe Showcase Page - what it looks like

LinkedIn targets companies with new Showcase Pages features

LinkedIn have introduced new showcase pages in an aim to attract more companies to use the social media platform. Showcase pages operate within a company profile on LinkedIn, companies will set up individual showcase pages which highlight the different areas and aspects of the business, brand followers can then wish to follow the pages which are most relevant to them. LinkedIn hopes that brands will start focusing their content to specific audiences.

Adobe Showcase Pages

What is key about these showcase pages is that they cannot be set up on their own, they have to be set up from a company page. These new pages allow companies to be more specific and targeted, for example a brand may choose to use showcase pages to reach out to the different target markets their products may have. Alternatively some companies are choosing to use the showcase pages to highlight the different products which they sell.

The main features of the new showcase pages are:

  • Ability to focus content on specific audiences
  • Companies control the content of showcase pages
  • Companies can advertise on showcase pages
  • Follower ads can be purchased to increase the page follower total
  • Sponsored updates can be purchased to increase follower numbers

Adobe Showcase Page - what it looks like

This is a major differentiator for the LinkedIn platform and it shows a move from the company to be more business orientated. There are limited social media platforms out there which operate with the needs of business in the forefront. This change could see LinkedIn market share grow even further, and also see revenue increase further.

One important thing to note is that there is a restriction of 10 LinkedIn showcase pages which can be set up per company page, after this the company will have to pay, if this feature is a success LinkedIn could see a rise in the amount of revenue it generates as companies purchase further showcase pages. The ability to advertise on showcase pages, place follower ads and sponsored update posts shows LinkedIn’s commitment to growth of the platform.

How do you setup your LinkedIn Showcase page? From the LinkedIn Blog:

If you’re a Company Page administrator, you can easily create your company’s own Showcase Page. First, identify the business areas of your company that need a Showcase Page. Then go to the “Edit” dropdown menu and select “Create a Showcase Page.” Once created, you can start sharing content from your page. You will also be able to monitor the performance of your Showcase Page through our analytic tools.

The question is – how will you use your LinkedIn Showcase Page? Leave us a link on the comments below. 


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