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Magento 2 Is Coming… LiveTweet Webinar Summary

This evening I logged on to the  Magento 2 development update webinar. It’s important to keep up to speed with what is going on with the development of the e-commerce framework which is so important to many of our customers.

The webinar had the purpose of updating the Magento community on the progress of Magento 2. The official release of Magento 2 is probably still a year or so off if we’re being realistic. It will be released “when it’s ready”. The focus is really on solving as many underlying issues and problems as possible, and there is not a hard deadline in place.

I have collected together a few of my tweets from the #Magento2 tweetchat, along with a couple of the screenshots from the webinar I thought were of interest. Oldest tweets appear first.

  • #magento2 goals: Tech Stack updates – PHP 5.5 & MySQL 5.6 to be used..
  • Another goal for #magento2: making upgrading easier! <– very important
  • #magento2: when is the release date? *deep breath* … no date set yet 😉
  • prototype.js been replaced by jquery if you didn’t know already #magento2
  • Talking quality: test framework, unit tests, performance tests, JS tests etc.. #magento2
  • Magento 2 making it a lot easier to swap out / replace standard features with third party code e.g. the CMS section #magento2
  • Only “themes” now instead of skins and packages. #magento2
  • Summary of #magento2 advantages.
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  • Talking about PSR – single standard for PHP development  #magento2
  • Methods using camelCase() naming standards. Take note. Don’t break the rules otherwise Magento big brother will whack you #magento2
  • PHPUnit used as testing framework #magento2
  • Mess detector, Code Sniffer (code style), Copy/Paste detector etc.. all part of Magento static tests #magento2
  • Summary of the testing setup and frameworks for #Magento2
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  • Fear of upgrading & fear of installing new extensions – Magento 2 endeavouring to solve the problems causing these fears #magento2
  • Talking about Magento version 1 –> 2 migration. Data migration tools and documentation to be supplied. #magento2
  • Magento 2 will come with a responsive design out of the box. Makes sense. Should be a useful starting point for new stores #magento2
  • Will the back-end theme be responsive? No not currently accommodating for that. #magento2
  • Do we have a roadmap? Yes we have a roadmap.. Will you share it with us? No we won’t share it with you ;-)… check GitHub! #magento2
  • Indexing and caching improvements being worked on. No specifics yet. #magento2
  • Magento learning curve to get steeper? Probably not. Still requires Magento specific knowledge & high level of coding standards #magento2
  • DB schema intentionally being kept pretty much the same from Magento 1 #magento2
  • Ability to disable extensions to be built in to allow easier control over extension conflicts etc.. #magento2
  • Magento 1.x branch support will be provided for 3 years after 2.x is released. #magento2
  • Better import/export tool for Magento 2? Being investigated… #magento2
  • New WYSIWYG editor to be integrated into CMS or 3rd party CMS integration? Being investigated… #magento2

As you can probably tell, my twitter feed was pretty busy while I was on this webinar! But hey, it’s good to share!

Hope this proved useful in providing a quick snapshot of what’s going on with Magento, and more specifically Magento 2.

  • Elena Leonova

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    February 11, 2014

    Very good summary – thanks for putting it together. and please, provide your feedback to us. we value community feedback a lot.


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