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Marketing Memes

Meme began taking off around 10 years ago but their rise in popularity has accelerated in the last few years. A meme is the term used to describe a visual concept or idea.

It can also be used as a description of a behaviour that then attracts attention and spreads across the internet. The way this concept or idea is conveyed to other people is very often in pictures or video form but it can also be a link, hashtag or key word or phrase.

This infographic takes a look at what is behind the growth in memes as a marketing tool and some of the most successful ones to date, which you will probably be familiar with. It also looks at how you can use memes to promote your business or product and it considers whether memejacking is a good idea.

Marketing with Memes - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog


A great way of deciding what topic might work as a meme is using Google trends to see what customers are searching and how their needs might be changing. If you already have active social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, the clues as to what might work for you may already be in there.

Picking up on regularly used words and phrases that crop up frequently on your own accounts is a proven strategy for creating a targeted marketing message that meets the current interests of your customers.

Memes might be an old idea that can be traced back to a time when the internet was just a dream, but when it comes to current marketing trends, you can’t afford to ignore them.


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