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Pinterest launches Business accounts

Not sure about Pinterest for business use? You may want to use it now!

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network and they have now lunched business accounts.


  • What’s different about the Pinterest business pages?

Absolutely nothing has changed visually – they will look the same as the personal pages.


  • Will it take forever to set this up?

A few seconds if you’re simply switching your current personal account to a business one. Although, if you’ve never had a Pinterest account before and you’re setting up for the first time, It may take a little longer.


  • Why change to a Pinterest Business account?

You’re setting yourself up for future developments from Pinterest. Now that Pinterest has identified businesses as a user audience you can bet they will be enhancing the functionality for businesses in the future.


Pinterest for Business - logo


  • How do I convert my Pinterest into a Business Pinterest account?
  •  Step one: go to
  • Step two: Select your business type, enter your contact name and email addess – we recommend changing this to a email address.
  • Step three: Fill out your profile information
  • Step four: Secure your domain – the vanity URL
  • Step five: Verify your business website. Download a verification file and upload to your web server. – you might want to ask a techy guy/gal in the office to help you with this.


  • What do I do next?

Pinterest offer widgets such as ‘pin it’ buttons. One of our favorites is the profile widget where you can integrate your Pinterest board on your site. This demonstrates what your use of Pinterest by displaying the latest 30 pins directly on your site. – This will refresh regularly (as regularly as you pin!) Which is great in terms of SEO.




Board Widget – this is similar to the profile widget but it focuses on a single pinterest board – feed your most relevant board through to your website.


Pinterest top 10 tips from BeSeen Marketing:

  1. Add links in the description of your pins
  2. Add the ‘pin it’ button to your website
  3. Experiment with the widgets
  4. Create a video gallery pin-board
  5. Use hashtags in the descriptions of your pins #PinterestTips
  6. Make sure you make use of the vanity URL feature for your business page
  7. Pin regularly
  8. In your business and personal profile – fill out your other social networks and website URL – you want people to find you
  9. When filling out your profile, think about your keywords – again, you want people to find you
  10. Pin others! – Gain visibility


If your business is not leveraging Pinterest then set up an account today. If you need help – contact BeSeen Marketing and we will assist you.


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