Point Shout: Customer Feedback Surveys for Retail and Hospitality

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Point Shout: Customer Feedback Surveys for Retail and Hospitality

Customer Feedback Surveys solution from Point ShoutGood news! BeSeen Marketing have become an official partner of Point Shout. BeSeen are the first UK company to partner with the Belgium based startup. BeSeen will be playing an integral role in launching the Point Shout product to the UK market.

To signify the strength of this partnership, I have been appointed Head of UK Business Development for Point Shout and I will be working closely with the Point Shout team to enhance and refine their product. My role at BeSeen is still unchanged (in case you were wondering!) and this is a really exciting time for both BeSeen, Point Shout, and myself personally!

So what is Point Shout?

In a nutshell, it comprises of a mobile app (iOS and Android) that visitors to participating venues can download and then complete a very quick customer feedback survey for the venue they are at. In return, a limited time discount code is displayed on the app which the visitor can then redeem for a discount or free goodies, depending on what the venue has decided to give away.

Who’s it for?

Point Shout is ideal for most businesses in retail or hospitality (pubs, restaurants, coffee shops etc..) wishing to run a paperless customer feedback survey system.

The benefits of Point Shout for users?

Users get to express their opinion about the venue they visit when the complete the customer feedback surveys, and they receive a discount or something for free in return.

The benefits of Point Shout for venue owners?

First, valuable customer engagement and feedback data which turns into powerful business intelligence when analysed through the Point Shout dashboard. Second, Point Shout encourages customer loyalty through the regular taking of surveys in return for repeated discounts or freebies. Third, using Point Shout you will be able to build a new marketing channel comprised of customers who are motivated to engage with your business. Through this, you will be able to send push notifications via our app to their phones for special events, offers or new surveys that can be taken.

We’re looking forward to bringing you more Point Shout news as we have it. In the meantime, feel free to check out their website or watch their YouTube video below:

Visit the Point Shout website: www.pointshout.com



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