Print Meets Digital at the 2012 Wycombe Business Expo

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BeSeen Marketing at the Wycombe Business Expo

Print Meets Digital at the 2012 Wycombe Business Expo

BeSeen Marketing will once again be at the Wycombe Business Expo. Taking place on Friday 2nd November at Cressex School – High Wycombe. A free event for all, so please do come along. Last year’s expo was very successful for BeSeen and it was great to meet people and businesses from the Wycombe area, and beyond.

BeSeen Marketing at the Wycombe Business Expo


BeSeen are all about Be Visible, Be Noticed, Be Seen. Our aim is to help existing businesses take the step to the next level, through the effective use of both online and offline marketing. But we also like to combine these to create a wonderful print meets digital world.

You may have seen last year, the BeSeen team had black T-Shirts on with QR codes on the front. Those QR codes, when scanned with a smartphone, would take you to a specific landing page on the BeSeen website created just for the Wycombe Business Expo. We were then able to measure how many people visited our landing page through their smartphone.

Wycombe Business Expo 2011 - BeSeen QR Codes

Wycombe Business Expo 2011

This year, however, we wanted to create something bigger, better and bolder! Something you’ll go away from our stand thinking… wow… that’s so cool, how did they do that?! You might not have heard of it or seen many examples, as not many people are using it in a business sense. But we feel that this could go a long way and be effective for all kinds of businesses.


Want me to spill the beans?


It’s called… Augmented Reality.


Augmented reality blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer-generated by enhancing our senses. What we see, what we hear and sometimes even what we feel and smell. Augmented Reality is superimposing images, sound, video and other sensory enhancements over a real-world environment in real time.

Come over to our stand at the Expo, speak to our very enthusiastic Augmented Reality expert Chris Bantock, oh, and bring your iPhone, iPad, iPhone or Android phone with you! (Blackberry, blueberry, pears, tomatoes and any other fruity phone users or those with a phone from the dark ages, you can come and see what we’ve got to show you on our iPad)

If you’d like a taster of what Augmented Reality is, take a look at this video from BMW.



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