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QA with BeSeen Web Developers

Q&A With BeSeen Website Developers Tobi & Nathan

BeSeen is a young, growing company and we have recently recruited a couple of fantastic web developers. Both Tobi and Nathan have recently graduated from university, here we will introduce them to you in our Q & A session! We’ve asked them a mix of questions, from coping with the “real world” to what inspires them.

Tobi has a degree in Computer Science from Brunel University and Nathan has a first class degree in Computing from Buckinghamshire New University. 

QA with BeSeen Web Developers

Q: Hey guys, so how have you found your first two weeks at BeSeen Marketing?

Tobi: Really exciting and filled with a lot of learning.

Nathan: It’s great, putting my skills to use, and learning lots of new ones. It’s great to work on some active projects.


Q: How is the ‘9-5’ “real world” working life different from your student days? You know, deciding to roll out of bed at 1pm and working or partying until the early hours of the morning?! Bit of a shock to the system or easy to get used to?

Tobi: Ha ha. It’s definitely different and not too hard to get used to. All you need is ‘state-of-the-art’ self-discipline.

Nathan: Well to me it’s not much different as I did freelancing while studying at uni so I was always active. My lectures started at 9am anyway! I do miss the partying ha ha! But I don’t think I could do it nowadays (prematurely ageing here).


Q: Ah, the ‘state-of-the-art’ self-discipline being an alarm clock? 😉

Tobi: ha ha that exactly and also going to bed early as I haven’t been doing that since year 9 or so.

Nathan: Even in the period between Uni and Work I actually still set alarms at 7am just to keep me in pace for work – it’s kinda like self torcher but it’s helped me out now so I can’t complain!


Q: How did your journey develop, what made you think ‘I want to be a web developer’?

Tobi: I like the freedom of being a web-developer brings. You can create anything you think of (almost) and learn a lot along the way. It’s really fun.

Nathan: I enjoy playing with the latest technologies and working out new and innovative ways to use them, so web development fits right into that – I think the role means you are always doing something different even if it is fundamentally the same – as no two sites are a like (at least they shouldn’t be)


Q: If you weren’t a web developer, what would you be?

Tobi: Probably an Architect… I like drawing and I like buildings

Nathan: An app developer or a graphic designer, or any other creative job.


Q: What have you learnt from being ‘on the job’?

Tobi: A lot of new technologies and also understanding user-requirements. Did a lot of that in theory and it’s nice to put it into practice.

Nathan: A better understanding of CMS’s and the fact they give you as much flexibility as coding outright. I have also learnt about responsive web design which I think is awesome!


Q: What are three traits you need to do your job well?

Tobi: Empathy, Creativity and passion.

Nathan: Imagination, Passion, an eye for detail


Q: Who or what inspires you?

Tobi: People and creating solutions they’d love to use. I particularly think Marcos Weskamp, Lead designer at Flipboard, has an amazing eye for design which I find very inspiring.
Nathan: I have never been into idols however I think Steve Jobs and Jony Ives from Apple was  a great inspiration on how to make something well.

I don’t like to inspire from other peoples designs – I think design is always moving forward so you shouldn’t try and copy other peoples designs – I think you should look at basic fundamentals such as nature which gives an infinite amount of inspiration for beautiful design.


Q: What’s on your music playlist right now? How does it help your productivity?

Tobi: I listen to Oliver Mtukudzi most of the time. His music makes it easy for me to concentrate as I find it soothing even though I have no idea what he is saying and I can’t even pronounce his surname.

Nathan:  I prefer to listen to upbeat fast pace songs – it’s proven psychology that you type to the pace of the music you listen to.  I however prefer slower music when I am researching as it helps me think – I still prefer a slow music to no music when reading – it’s odd but that’s just me!


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