Real Business Intelligence: Keywords that Generate Paying Members

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Real Business Intelligence: Keywords that Generate Paying Members

So you’re running a few Adwords campaigns, and paying some chap to run on-going SEO activity for you. That’s all good. You have some nice reports in Google Analytics and Google Adwords about how many clicks you get from different search terms. Fine.

But just because you are getting plenty of clicks, and a decent number of leads, is that the best you can hope for? Surely it would be more useful to know what keywords are generating converting (paying) customers?

So should we follow the Dogbert strategy…?


Tempting… but here’s what we did instead…

Our client has a bespoke CRM & Billing system which we maintain for them. This system includes lead management and tracking functionality, through to member setup and on-going invoicing routines.

Remotely embedded enquiry forms push prospect details into the CRM through various marketing websites and landing pages. Nothing new there! But what we’ve implemented now is the ability to see what keywords (and referring sites) are generating leads AND we can report on which of these leads are converting into paying members.

As time goes by, more data is collected, business intelligence matures, and more effective decisions can be made as to where to focus marketing efforts and budgets.

The business questions and thought processes behind all of this?

  • What was our top converting referrer for last month? Was it or what?
  • What were our top 5 converting PPC keywords year to date? If we could then rank for these organically, we would potentially be able to increase sales…

But hey, we could go a step further. Since we have all the billing details in the same system, surely we could work out how much revenue we have generated from each converting keyphrase too? You betcha! So not only are we looking at the number of conversions, but the value as well.

To summarise: data is great, but if you don’t mine and analyse that data, it’s fairly useless to your business.

Thanks for reading!