“Real World Digital: Brace Yourselves…” University Lecture

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Brunel University

“Real World Digital: Brace Yourselves…” University Lecture

I recently gave a guest lecture at Brunel University to the Software Engineering Project Management final year students.

Here’s an overview of the “Real World Digital: Brace Yourselves…” lecture content. By the way, the actual lecture is a lot more fun than the fairly dry outline below!

  • Who am I?
    • Studied Computer Science at Brunel
    • My Experience
      • Freelance web developer…
      • Growing my own small web development company…
      • Technical Director of a digital marketing agency based in Beaconsfield (BeSeen Marketing)
    • Self proclaimed “marketing technologist”
    • Why am I here?
      • Share my experience with you
      • Help you find a job! (if you’re looking)
  • How Uni helped me?
    • Project management fundamentals
    • Relational Database theory and Object Oriented programming – PHP/MySQL development
    • System Testing Theory – Quality Assurance
  • What else would have been useful to know?
    • Learning to say no!! To projects or parts of a project
    • The power of “Phase 2”
    • Knowledge of Open Source frameworks / CMS platforms. CodeIgniter, WordPress etc… Programming is about building solutions from bricks. You don’t need to make the bricks, they’ve already been made.
  • Becoming an “expert” – learning the hard way
    • Early freelancing days
    • Dealing with clients who change their mind all the time.
    • Dealing with clients who set unrealistic deadlines
  • Less Code, More Emails
    • Project management and customer management
    • 7 Phases of Project Management
    • Living in your inbox – no way to live!
    • Systems
      • Internal Project Collaboration – e.g. Google Docs, great for collaboration during a project
      • Support Ticket systems – e.g. osTicket for on-going client support
  • A real world digital project
    • BeSeen Marketing delivered entire project:
      • Web Design
      • Magento e-commerce development and support
      • Back-end business management software integration
      • Online marketing (on-going)
    • Experience gained?  Priceless!
  • What’s your plan?
  • Decision to make
    • What do you want to do?
      • Freelance
      • Employed
      • Build a business / startup
  • What companies look for…
  • Interviews!
  • Sum up
    • Find what you love doing…
    • Do it well

If you represent a University in the South East of England region (or London) and would like to have a guest lecture from a graduate who is willing to share his experience working in the digital arena, please get in touch.

I am available on email (jon@beseen-marketing.co.uk) or Twitter (@iamjonjackson).

Thanks for reading!

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