SEO stinks. Time to chuck it out.

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SEO stinks. Time to chuck it out.

I think my SEO's gone bad

A recent blog post on my personal blog I wanted to share. Here’s an excerpt:

SEO stinks. Customers don’t understand it, they’ve been burnt by shady service providers, and there are too many incompetents (both offshore and closer to home) providing “SEO services” which at best don’t accomplish anything, or worse, they have a negative impact on the customer’s online reputation.

The acronym “SEO” (Search Engine Optimisation) itself is drenched in now archaic meaning. SEO back in the day was all about playing the system, keyword stuffing, building as many incoming links as possible with no regard for reputation or contextual relevance… everything that any decent web professional today loathes.

Those are the roots of SEO and we can’t change that. We’ve tried to change the meaning of SEO, we’ve tried to leave its unpleasant past behind, but the stink still lingers. You can’t put a bit of boot polish on a mouldy old pair of boots that have been sitting in a dump for years and expect them to look (and smell) like new again. Buy some new boots! It’s a no brainer.

SEO as a term is not helping our industry. I believe it is time to chuck it out and focus on the future. – See more at:

Read more here:

If you’re a customer, does “SEO” just confuse and frustrate you? Do you trust companies offering “SEO”? If you’re an SEO professional, are you sick of the bad reputation attached to “SEO”? Or am I just overreacting? Let me know what you think.


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