Six tips on writing a blog post in 2014

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Six tips on writing a blog post in 2014

Blog posts are one of the most effective ways to reach out and educate targeted audiences. By posting quality and informative content, you can generate traffic, and thus increase conversion rates. According to InsideView, B2B businesses who maintain blogs on their website generated 67% more leads than those who did not.

There are many important factors that you need to consider while creating great blog posts to provide genuine, informative, exceptional and error-free content to your audience. Good blog posts not only increase the traffic to your website but also encourage visitors to re-visit your website.

In this article, we provide six tips on writing good blog posts for your business website.

1. Identifying what your readers want

Always think from readers’ point of view while writing blog posts. Identify what they are looking for, their needs, wants, issues, etc. By resolving their issues and providing information on what they are looking for, you can build credibility among the visitors and gain loyal customers. According to BlogHer, 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice on blogs.

2. Create catchy headlines

Generally, readers look at the headlines first and decide whether to read the content. Weak or vague headlines make visitors leave the website; whereas catchy headlines make content engaging for the readers. Therefore, having catchy and meaningful headlines are important for the blog post.

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3. Create original content

Having original content is crucial for a blog post. That means, the content shouldn’t be copied directly from other sources like other websites, etc. It is important to create the content that is 100% original and research-driven. This builds the authority of the writer as well as the domain. Original content is also helpful in bringing relevant inbound links to the website.

4. Keep the blog post short, concise and specific to the topic

While writing blog posts, see to it that it is short, easy to understand and relevant to the topic or title. Usually readers tend to read the articles that are brief and informative. Make sure that you do not create content focusing on word count. Focus on writing style and quality. Remember adding more words to increase the word count will only dilute the quality of the content. At the same time, it should not be very short which makes it lack substance.

5. Include keywords and phrases

Keywords or phrases are words that customers type when searching for information about businesses (products or services) on search engine. Therefore, while creating content ensure that keywords are included in the title, headings and content appropriately. This improves your website’s search engine ranking. In addition, avoid overusing these keywords (keyword stuffing). Search engines do not spare keyword stuffing and they penalize websites for it.

6. Blog regularly

Maintaining blog is a commitment to serve your audience. It is not do-once and forget-type. You need to put extra effort to blog regularly and update your customers with hot topics and fresh content. More content on your blog drives more traffic to your website. According to Hubspot, 92% of businesses who blog regularly have acquired customers through blog. Moreover, search engines also do not favor sites that are not regularly updated.

We hope that these tips are helpful in creating good blog posts and helps achieve good results for your business.

About The Author:

Nancy R Jones is a writer and blogger for Marvist Consulting LLC which offers small business Internet marketing services. Since establishment in 2005, Marvist’s SEO services have earned the goodwill of clients with uncompromising commitment to business values while delivering expert services.


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