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Social Data – Are You Getting Value? (London Breakfast Briefing)

Thursday 17th May, 8:30am-11.30am at 76 Portland Place, London

Thought we would share some details on an upcoming breakfast briefing from DQM Group

Marketers can now see their consumers online and also know that much of the data about their activity is in the public domain. But just how far should they go in using it if the public does not share the view that personal information can become a marketing tool? And how can they extract the value they need from this potential “gold mine”?

Some issues to be discussed at the briefing are as follows:

  • Are social media the place to build awareness, start a relationship or to capture information on consumer’s interests, preferences and behaviours?
  • What do users of social media expect from brands and how far can marketers go in using “open source” data without breaching that trust?
  • Do we know what is considered “normal” behaviour online compared to what we know about consumers offline?
  • What is the value of social media data? And why is social media data not customer data?

This event will hear from social network and data experts about where the line needs to be drawn between open source and open season when it comes to targeting the social consumer…

Confirmed Speakers

  • Simon James, Strategic Planning Director, SapientNitro
  • Charles Ping, Strategic Director, Communisis
  • Steve Richards, Managing Director, Yomego a Communisis company

Visit the Event page on the DQM website here for more information:

  • Perry

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    May 10, 2012

    This is a great post and seems like a great event.

    Social networking sites such as Facebook, the growing Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all the hottest social media companies on the Web at the moment – and the data shared and searched on these social networks is valuable to organisations.

    Couple of questions I have:

    Is one piece of social data worth more than another?
    Is your organisation bottom line affected by how your business thinks about and uses social media information?



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