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BeSeen LinkedIn Webinar

Using LinkedIn Effectively – a BeSeen Webinar

At the start of September, BeSeen MD, Chris Bantock, put on a free webinar all about how to use LinkedIn effectively.

“Go fishing where the fish are”

With 20 million UK users to connect and communicate with, LinkedIn is a prime tool for generating business opportunities. However, are your LinkedIn profile, activity and network optimised to help you generate these opportunities? The webinar focused on ‘the three pillars of LinkedIn success’, namely, who you are, what who you know, and what you know.

Who you are

The first ‘pillar’ is all about your profile. Your profile is what makes you attractive to your target audience and what converts visitors to become connections. It should show off your experience, your achievements, your expertise, your interests and more.

Who you know

This is all about the people you are connected with. Having a ‘smart’ network means you will be visible to the RIGHT people, who will have 2nd and 3rd-degree connections who are also relevant. Sure, get over the 500 mark, but quality over quantity makes for a¬†powerful LinkedIn network.

What you know

It is important that you post quality content. Write articles, share your blog posts and engage with your network. Create your content with your target audience in mind, they must find it interesting! You have to show that you have knowledge and expertise in your field.

Watch the video below to see the webinar in full.

How to Use LinkedIn effectively – A Webinar from BeSeen Marketing from BeSeen Marketing on Vimeo.

If you’d like to learn more, Chris is holding a hands-on, practical LinkedIn workshop in September.

Click here to find out more and book your place.


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