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Website Maintenance, Support, Backups

Website Support, Maintenance & Upgrades – Why Bother?

Website Support and Maintenance Services

At BeSeen, we not only ensure that your website is setup correctly, we also ensure that your website is supported and maintained properly. Think about whether your business website can afford to be down or offline for days, in some cases without you being aware of it? What would the cost be to your business?

Our support and maintenance contracts ensure that your website is regularly monitored, backed up and tested to prevent this situation from happening.

Most standard web hosting packages only cover the annual hosting of your website. They do not cover any long-term backups, maintenance or support.

So is your website being backed up and maintained properly? Read on…


Website Backup Solutions

Why Bother?

So why bother with a maintenance & support agreement? Well, here is a real-life case study to outline the risk of not being covered by a maintenance plan.

In late 2011, a customer’s WordPress website was hacked due to a vulnerability in an old version of WordPress. This triggered a failsafe on our hosting platform which disabled the website completely for over 4 days while we re‐built the site using the latest version of wordpress which was the safest way to get the site back online without risking another exploit attack.

The cost of this re‐build was £500 +VAT (10 hours at £50 per hour). There was of course an indirect cost to the business while the website was offline for 4 days. This damaged the company’s reputation and likely led to several lost opportunities.

If the client was on even our basic Support & Backup plan, the downtime would have been reduced to hours, not days. If the client was on our more advanced Maintenance & Security plan, the likelihood of their website getting hacked at all would have been dramatically reduced.

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