What is Google+ all about?

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Google+What its about?

What is Google+ all about?

Google+What its about?This is a great question and one that I believe is still awaiting to be unravelled. Its not what we can see today that holds the answer – it is what Google will deliver next and how this platform will develop. Until this point we can only speculate.

When people ask what is Google+ I normally explain it as a mixture between Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter and Webex all rolled into one platform with additional social sharing and CRM capabilities. This may help position Google+ but it does not really tell anyone ‘what’ it is and more importantly why they should use it. To understand the ‘what’ we need to understand where Google+ is going.

As usual Google are treading that fine line between gathering as much data on us as individuals as possible and then how to use this data without being intrusive or overstepping our privacy limits.

Thomas Power (Ecademy fame) thinks he has got the answer to this question. Please take three minutes to hear what he has to say in the video below, I think you might be surprised!

I would like to hear if you think he is right? To what level does this scare you? Is gathering every bit of information on us ok if Google use it to provide better services that improve our lives? Please comment as I would really like to hear your views.


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