What to do for your 20000th tweet? I did a Vine!

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What to do for your 20000th tweet? I did a Vine!

I’m on twitter and I love it. Why? Well, it’s a wonderful outlet, it’s beautifully open, and over the years I have made some incredible connections purely through Twitter that have led to great opportunities and repeat business. I run my Twitter account as a hybrid personal and work account. And why not? Work is part of me, whether I like it or not, so it’s naturally included in my Twitter stream.

I recently hit the 20000 tweets mark. And before you ask… no, not all of those tweets were masterfully crafted pearls of wisdom. In fact, I’m ashamed by some of my Twitter past, but that’s all part of the journey! Learning, growing, moving forward. Regardless of how I had got there, I felt the need to punctuate this Twitter milestone.

My 20000th Tweet

My 20000th tweet was a Vine video. Not exactly profound or meaningful, but it made a statement in the form of a short video. I hoped it would portray something a little different from the norm.

If you’d like to see it, here it is, in all it’s anticlimactic glory!


Jons 20000th tweet

Some Great Vine Examples

Ok, so my 20000th tweet wasn’t that amazing, but you never know… if one person just looked at it and thought to themselves, “Huh. That’s nifty”, then I would have achieved my purpose. It was a good excuse to use Vine as well. I was looking for an opportunity, and it seemed appropriate.

So how can you use Vine? And how can Vine be used for business? Well, here are a couple of links for your perusal…

I particularly like the Lowes vine on how to remove a stripped screw. It actually taught me something new! And it is conveyed succinctly and clearly in the 6 second Vine video. If they had written a blog post, with some images explaining the solution, I am fairly sure it would take me more than 6 seconds to read and understand their solution. In this context, Vine is a perfect fit.

Vine vs Insta-what-now?

You’ve heard of Instagram, right? Good. Well, Instagram launched video capability for their app recently. Have you tried it out yet? And if so, have you compared it to Vine?

Which camp do you fall into? Are you a Vine addict? or an incessant Instagrammer? Or are you a bit of both? (Instaviner?!)

vine vs instagram

[Image Credit: geeksplode.com]

Personally, I prefer Vine to Instagram (for video that is) for the following reasons:

  • Vine has a more responsive video recording feature – you can tap to take a very quick snapshot as part of the video. Instagram requires you to tap and hold which, for me, just makes it that little bit less flexible to use.
  • Vine integrates into Twitter better than Instagram, unsurprisingly. Twitter is where most of my online networking and sharing goes on, so Vine just suits me better from this point of view.
  • Vine would appear to be ahead of the curve. It is likely to add new features such as the ability to draft videos before Instagram does. More info available here: http://techcrunch.com/2013/06/20/vine-goes-on-the-offensive-teases-new-features-ahead-of-instagram-video-launch/

What Others Say…

I wanted to get a gauge for what some of my followers on Twitter thought about Instagram vs Vine. Here are some highlights…


tweet 04 vine instagram

tweet 05 vine instagram

tweet 03 vine instagram

tweet 02 vine instagram

tweet 01 vine instagram


How about you? What’s your take on the Vine vs Instagram face-off, and how do you use either platform?


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