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4C Bucks: Marketing System – Case Study

BeSeen are pleased to have been a member of 4C Bucks for over two years. We were even more delighted when 4C Bucks came to us at the beginning of 2013 wanting to revamp the way they marketed their organisation. As a newly appointed charity, visibility and communications to the local community were paramount to attract new members.

The Challenge: 

To develop a marketing system to drive communications, interaction and value to existing members and to drive enquiries for new members.

The solution:  

The brand / logo itself was very strong so BeSeen Marketing looked at the key channels. The website was a relatively static and was not delivering value to members or 4c Bucks. We provided interaction by creating a noticeboard for members; higher visibility of available community projects; signpost to forthcoming events; a members directory and a blog to provide news and stories to all.

Email Marketing was the next area – creating a standard HTML email template for consistency of communication. 4C Bucks decided to use BeSeen Mail for their email marketing solution.

CRM Integration was paramount to delivering a marketing system with the first step being a flow of data to the website (members directory) and email marketing systems.

Offline marketing collateral to promote 4C Bucks offline, this included designing of a promotional flyer and business cards.

The outcome: 

4C Bucks have a consistent look and feel to all communication. The website now acts as a sales tool to attract enquires for membership and an engagement engine for current members. 4C Bucks have clear channels of communication via the website and email with the integration into the backend CRM system to manage all data needs. In short a marketing system.

What the Client Says…

“Our experience of working with Be Seen Marketing has exceeded our expectations. We knew they were going to produce a great re-design for our website but we had no idea they would turn our site into a fantastic marketing engine working on more levels that we realised! Chris and his team have been supportive throughout the entire process and we are looking forward to a continued relationship with them managing our emailing system.” Bekki James, Manager, 4C Bucks

The Detail: 

User friendly website

4C Bucks came to BeSeen Marketing with a website that was in need of some care and attention, a difficult left hand main navigation made it challenging for users to use the website. BeSeen Marketing put the user at the forefront moving the navigation to the top of the website and creating a members directory for users to search for specific charities and businesses. A noticeboard feature has been added to the website for users to post small requirements on as well as being able to answer fellow members enquiries.

4c notice board

Email Marketing

4C Bucks main communication channel with it members was through the use of email, an existing email template was in place, however after much use this was looking a bit tired and dated. With so much communication being made through email 4C Bucks wanted a way in which they could effectively manage their contacts and the emails which they were sending out, they also wanted to be able to analyse the emails. BeSeen Marketing set up 4C Bucks on BeSeen Mail, designing and coding a template for them and managing their contact lists. 4C Bucks sent out their first email campaign in October and found that the open rates of their emails were at 33.5%, well above the UK average*.

4c email template

Business Card

There is still a place for business cards in this digital world, its an easy and quick way to give contact details out to prospects and members. BeSeen Marketing redesigned 4C Bucks existing business card to make them reflect the rest of the marketing collateral including the website, email and leaflet. Business cards can be used to create synergy across all marketing channels, 4C Bucks business cards included the website address, email address, social media and telephone.

 4c business card front4c business card back


4C Bucks works with both Charities and Businesses, they had a separate leaflet for each of these previously. BeSeen Marketing took both leaflets redesigning them to form one concise A5 leaflet, one side of the leaflet targeted Charities where as the other side targeted Businesses. Forming one leaflet was beneficial to 4C Bucks and its members, one leaflet means less paper for 4C Bucks and it allows them to showcase exactly what they do for both the charity and business sectors.

4c charity leaflet 4c company leaflet

*UK average open rates at 21.47%


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