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Product Description

System Requirements

  • PHP Compatibility: 5.2+
  • Required Extensions: PDO_MySQL
  • Memory_limit: 32M or more
  • MySQL: 4.1.20 or newer, InnoDB storage engine

Tested Magento versions

  • 1.4.x
  • 1.5.x
  • 1.6.x
  • 1.7.x

Required Info

Before you start please take a note of the following account information, which you will need to complete the configuration process in Magento:

  1. Merchant ID
  2. Payment Gateway URL

How to Configure in Magento

Once you have added the module to the system

  1. Refresh your cache by going to System->Cache management in your admin panel.
  2. Log out then log back in to your admin panel.
  3. Go to System->Configuration->Payment Methods in the admin panel. From here you can customise the extension.

Available Options

You should see the following configuration options in the section (System->Configuration->Payment Methods->Bucksnet payment Method)

Description for each of the options are outlined below…

  1. Enabled – To activate the payment method, set Enabled to “Yes”
  2. Title – Enter the name of the payment method that will be displayed to the customer in the Payment Information section of the shopping cart Checkout page. This parameter can be set up for each store view. We recommend that you use the value in the Title field for each store view.
  3. Merchant ID – Enter the Merchant ID for your merchant account.
  4. New Order Status – Set this to Pending so that new generated orders are appropriately defined as Pending in their status until they are processed completely.
  5. Payment Gateway URL – Specify the below URL as appropriate:
  6. Failure Message – Enter the failure message which you want to show when payment gateway rejects the transaction.
  7. Customer Group – Select customer group for which this payment method will be available on the front-end.


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