How Upgrading to Magento 2 Boosted DC Thomson’s Online Sales by 30%

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How Upgrading to Magento 2 Boosted DC Thomson’s Online Sales by 30%

DC Thomson is one of the UK’s oldest media publishers. Being headquartered in Dundee Scotland, DC Thomson is responsible for publishing newspapers, magazines and comics. The 113 year old company needed to get with the times by upgrading to a 21st century website.

The website before upgrading.

In order to sell their products direct-to-consumer, the DC Thomson Shop was launched in 2010 on the Magento 1 platform. However, in 2017, it was decided that the sluggish load times and dated user experience was restricting business growth.  With DC Thomson offering an extensive range products, they needed an e-commerce marketplace that would be capable of supporting a large product pool without affecting the usability of the website. With the website already being on Magento 1, it was a no brainer that upgrading to Magento 2 was their best option.

With the new website, DC Thomson wanted to achieve their goal of doubling revenue in the next financial year, which with features such as personalisation and cross-selling, this goal was achievable on the new platform. Other Magento 2 benefits that DC Thomson were interested in were:

  • Improved workflows for adding new products
  • Improved on-site analytics
  • Server-side performance analytics
  • A diverse and well-supported range of extensions

In an interview with the Magento Community Journal ( Alan Melrose, the digital commercial operations manager said the following:

“It was critical that the platform we selected could provide the core functionality without the need for heavy customisation, this has been a constant drain on resources over the previous four years.  The main attraction of Magento Commerce 2, from a UX perspective, was its out-of-the-box capabilities: “There was very little front end customisation added and additional functionality was largely done using extensions.”

Through the use of extensions, DC Thomson were able to create personalised cross-sell/up-sell opportunities at the checkout stage of the website. Now, If a customer goes to purchase a product, they are offered other products that the customer would find interesting.

“We’ve added around 18 extensions to improve administrative functions – for comparison we had 84 on our Magento 1 instance. On the customer side we added Gigya and Sailthru extensions to power our single customer view and deliver marketing automation. This allows the store to share and consolidate customer profiles and data points across a collection of 26 websites.”


A website that generates results

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The website after upgrading.

The final website took DC Thomson nine months to build end-to-end, and they’re amazed with the results after switching to Magento 2.

“The impact in the short term has been immediate, with all website metrics improving, including server response time, page load speed, page views, conversion rate and pages per session. Our increase in revenue has already outstripped our initial investment”

Some year on year improvement statistics:

  • +30% Online Sales
  • +23% Average Order Value
  • +13% Average Page Views


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