What we do

In a nutshell – we assist ambitious businesses to grow through results driven marketing.

Our Services

First things first, do we offer the services you are looking for?

These are our core services and the heart of our expertise, experience and success.
If you don’t mind us saying so ourselves, we’re really rather good at these!

Business first approach

We work with businesses to support their growth through effective marketing. We not only understand our client; we make sure we understand our client’s clients.

We strive to truly understand the dynamics of the business, the goals of the business and the issues that they are facing. It is only from this level of understanding can we start to provide advice and guidance and effective marketing activity.

Problems we solve

These are a snapshot of the issues that our clients are faced with every day – in reality the list is much longer:

  • No marketing strategy or plan in place
  • Don’t understand how to leverage ‘digital’ marketing
  • Old, outdated and tired brand or brand does not address business audience
  • Website is not delivering sales / opportunities
  • Business has no ‘marketing engine’ in place
  • Unable to build an effective presence online
  • Difficulty in communicating with customers and prospects
  • Need to drive sales through an online marketing campaign
  • Adwords¬†is expensive and not delivering results

Right marketing mix

Although we have a full range of individual services from Branding to website development to running Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and a lot more, our aim is always to find the right ‘mix’ of services to provide an individual solution to deliver the maximum value subject only on our clients budgets.

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Marketing partnership

We work with clients on an ongoing basis, this may start with a specific project however this is normally viewed as the beginning of the relationship. It is our aim to be a trusted marketing partner to our clients. We can support existing marketing resources in a business, be on tap to provide additional support as and when required or be an outsourced marketing team for your business.

Please review the various areas of expertise in terms of the areas we cover.

Results driven marketing

It is the end result that really counts. Whether it is an increase in sales, more enquiries, higher quality leads, a website that is in tune with your target audiences, a PPC campaign that drives traffic and conversions, engaging content; the list is endless.

Modern day marketing builds momentum over time as it involves constant engagement which means businesses need to continuously be undertaking marketing activity. We look at short term results within the context of longer term goals.

Discover how we can be of assistance

If you have specific issues you would like to discuss with us please contact Chris Bantock and we can explore ideas.