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What you need to know about CRO

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of continually testing and improving your website so that it is turning more visitors into sales, enquiries and leads. With even a small increase in your website conversion rate, your sales and revenue could see a significant increase. Imagine how your business could change if you were to double your conversion rate?

How is it done?

Using state of the art analysis and split testing tools, we are able to get incredible insights into how users behaviour on your site and what the issues are. We then use this information to create alternative variations of key pages and functions of your site, before split testing them against your existing site so you know for certain which is working best for your audience.

CRO is an activity that successful business are really waking up to now, and it’s no surprise as for a business making £100,000 per year online at a 1% conversion rate, an increase to a conversion rate of 1.5% would take them straight to £150,000. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive your sales and enquiries up, so you can blow away your targets without blowing away your budget!


"This time last year we were doing 100 orders per month. We now regularly get over 500 each month, so I am happy to recommend BeSeen."

Gerry Knowles, Managing Director / General Lamps Ltd

"I feel sure we have made the right decision to use your services. Very impressed."

David Oakley, Managing Director / Oakley Weigh

"We knew they were going to produce a great re-design for our website, but we had no idea they would turn our site into a fantastic marketing engine working on more levels than we realised"

Bekki James / 4C Bucks

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Our Digital Marketing Manager, Paul Jackson, has a decade of online advertising experience including speaking at Google conferences, coaching others to become Google Partners, achieving Google Accreditations and helping Google develop their AdWords agency platform – so you couldn’t be in better hands!

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