Discovery Workshops

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In our experience, these can be eye opening for businesses; our scoping workshops lay the foundation for successful marketing execution.

These workshops form a vital part of the BeSeen ‘Discovery’ phase of development. We ask the awkward questions to really make you think about your business and it’s positioning, so that we can help get your marketing on the right track.

Website Scoping Workshops

Unsure of exactly what you need from a new website? The output from this workshop is a full brief for your website which you can use to get comparable competitive quotes.

We focus defining your business goals, target audience, messaging, functionality, design criteria and much more. These are all elements of what need to be considered to ensure you get a website that really supports your business.


Brand Scoping Workshops

Your brand is vital to your business what ever size you are. It communicates your business on its own. We see the power of brands with big businesses, Apple, Google, John Lewis etc and it is as important to get your brand right.

Company brands need to evolve over time, it is not always necessary for total rebrands. Our workshop will take you through the process to define a brief for your branding project. We look at your current brand equity, define your target audience, what you want to communicate and how, your brand personality and of course design requirements.

The output of the workshop is a brief which clearly outlines the requirements for your branding project.

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