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Your website is central to your marketing engine

Two key objectives of any business website are to understand what action you want the visitor to take and that you position your business clearly and accurately to your target audiences.

Considerations for an effective business website

We operate in many sectors and provide solutions to B2B and B2C clients. What is common is that a business website needs to support the objectives of the business, and deliver a web presence that will drive your business growth.

Below are some of the key areas you need to consider when thinking about improving your website.
Do you have a brief? If not we can help develop a comprehensive brief for you.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

We believe that you should have control over your website – be able to update it and make changes. We work with leading, open source Content Management Systems (CMS) including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Our preferred platform is WordPress, powering 65% of business websites worldwide, it is a platform that delivers flexibility and ease of use.


Mobile responsive by design

With the percentage of visitors to websites coming from mobile devices ever on the increase, it is crucial that the user experience be as good on mobile as it is on desktop. All our newly developed websites are fully mobile responsive and provide the best user experience for whatever device is being used.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For a website to perform well in the search engines there is considerable work that needs to be undertaken to optimise the site. This onsite optimisation provides the building blocks for future online visibility. We take the opportunity to review and research your keywords and ensure that the technical side of optimisation is taken care of.


Tried and Tested Process

We follow a process that we have developed and refined over the years providing a structured approach for all our website development.

We put as much emphasis on the discovery and understanding phase as we do for the development phase. Our process follows four key phases – Discover, Design, Development & Deployment.



The words you use on your site are essential. This is often the biggest challenge that our clients face through the development process. We ensure that the key messages are correct and position your business for your audience. We also help ensure the copy on each page is consistent throughout the site in tone of voice, tense, grammar and spelling.


Calls to Action (CTA)

Understanding what you want the visitor to do is key to driving website conversions. Visitors need to be told what to do next, we ensure that we develop appropriate CTA’s on all websites.

Delivering results

We deliver great results by first understanding our clients businesses, matching this with marketing knowledge to really understand what will deliver value to the business.

We combine our expertise in design, creativity, technical know-how and digital expertise to build a website that will perform well in Google search and convert visitors to enquiries or sales. It is this that makes BeSeen different.

Tried and tested process

We apply the same tried and tested process which ensures we deliver quality results whatever the requirements.

Our development process


Find out more about building a high-performance website for your business; give Chris Bantock a call on 01494 849835 or send him a message to talk more about what you want your website to deliver for your business.


"Some of the many benefits of working with Be Seen are their commitment to delivering on time, flexibility and most importantly … they know what they are talking about when it comes to online communications and marketing. I have been a client since the business began and I won’t go anywhere else. "

Sue Roberts, Managing Director / Freedom Finders