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If your website was a car …

Website management covers various areas from how you manage and update the website, to how your site is managed from a technical perspective. The aim is to keep your site running as smoothly as possible – in just the same way as you would your car.

We want your engine to run smoothly, not have any breakdowns and certainly not have any accidents.

Content Management

We believe that it is vital for businesses to be able to have the capability to manage their website content. To be able to make changes to copy, add new pages and post regular blogs. We provide industry standard Content Management Systems (CMS) so that you are in control.

Cars operate in different ways, so it is important that you understand how to drive your site in the best and safest way. We provide training to clients to ensure that your website takes you on your desired journey.



Hosting is equivalent to your garage, it’s where your website is parked. Garages come in different shapes and sizes, different configurations and with different space allowances. 

BeSeen provide a range of hosting that provides the appropriate level of services for your website. By appropriate, we mean security, speed and scalability. A secure environment is a must; speed for page load and user experience; and scalability for capacity for growth. 


For cars to continue to run smoothly at an optimum performance, they are serviced regularly. The equivalent of an oil change, fluid level and tyre checks is to ensure your platform is on the current versions, regularly backed up and security patches installed.

Maintenance ensures your website is continually firing on all cylinders.



When your car has a mishap, such as a tyre blowing out or a light appearing on the dashboard that you don’t understand, then you seek assistance. You find a professional to put a new tyre on and a garage to find and rectify the fault.

The reality of websites is that there will be times when something unexpected happens; something that you are not sure why or what it is, or just questions that you may have. This is when BeSeen is on hand to support you and your needs.

Support means you have a trusted pair of hands to turn to for assistance.


After time, it is natural to want to upgrade your car. Small modifications through to large customisations in order to make the car look better, go faster, or provide an improved user experience. 

Whether you want to improve your website by adding go faster stripes, larger exhaust, new spoiler or simply a set of furry dice, these are all modifications or new developments to what you originally had. 

Websites should always be under constant development to leverage new technology, add new functionality and improve the user journey and experience. All in an effort to drive conversion and improve the results of your site.  

Ongoing development can give you an edge in your market. BeSeen is on hand to assist with any new additions to your website.  


Want to find out more?

If you would like to talk about any of these services or how BeSeen can help you develop your website, please contact Hayley Wainwright, our Project Manager. She would be delighted to have a discussion.