How We Work

So how do we actually go about delivering what we offer and achieving what we do for our clients? There’s no smoke and mirrors, in reality it all comes down to a very simple, logical and effective process and set of values.

The BeSeen ‘Double Diamond’

Our model builds on the Design Council’s ‘4 D’s’ model and highlights how the understanding, research and planning stages are just as important as the development and delivery stages. We like to do things properly and to really get to know you, your business, your goals and your audience. From there, we build a plan with you to achieve and exceed your objectives, rather than jumping into tactics that might not suit your actual business needs or audience. We work collaboratively with you as an extension of your team, so we’re with you all the way, whether it is a one-off project or a long-term relationship.

Double D

And it doesn’t stop there…

Whether it is the end of a month or the end of a project, it should always be the start of another stage. The data that’s available for website performance and digital marketing activity is incredible, and the real value is in analysing it, interpreting it, taking learnings and using the information to take you forward even further. The key is to keep reviewing progress towards your objectives and building momentum with clear accountability.


We believe that you should have full visibility of your website and marketing performance – both the real time data and historic data. We encourage you to access your performance data, and our jargon-free reports are there to provide detailed summaries of the business outcomes of your marketing, as well as the all-important insights and the recommendations. After all, it’s your business, your marketing and your investment, so you should be able to know everything you wish to.

Sound good?

If you like what you see so far then please do get in touch and we can talk more about your business objectives and how we could work together.